Welcome to Sports Down South!

Having a passion for sports isn’t something that is often chosen.  From the way we are brought up to the way we conduct ourselves everyday, sports is something that consumes us.  It gives us reasons to cheer, laugh, cry, throw things harder than we thought was possible, jump higher than we thought we could jump, and brings the most different of people together in a platform that gives them all something in common.

That is the beauty of sports.  It connects us in such a way that no other past time or hobby could.  Where else can two people with seemingly nothing in common come together, screaming louder and louder as if their voice actually pushed the running back over the goal line?  

And it’s that exact reason why I have decided to start “Sports Down South”.  As a broadcast journalism major at the University of South Carolina, my ultimate goal is one day to bring the beauty of sports to your television sets or radios on an everyday basis. Until that dream becomes a reality, I will instead experience the joy of sharing my thoughts and feelings through writing.  Be it a preview of the top games of the week this fall or the reason why BJ Upton still can’t seem to hit above .200, my goal is to simply share with all of you some insight and opinions of my favorite thing to talk about: sports.  

If sports is what brings so many of us together in different venues, then my hope is that this blog is able to give you an idea of what one of those fans thinks.  Hope you all enjoy the ride, as I know that I will.




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