The Best of TigerNet

It’s always fun to get into the mind of Clemson fans, and one of my favorite things to write for Garnet Report is “The TigerNet Roundup”. Check out the link below for 10 of the best and possibly head scratching posts from the popular Clemson message board.

WARNING: You will chuckle.


Paying Players, Unions, and Nikki Haley

So I’ve got another somewhat controversial blog up over at Garnet Report. This time I’m tackling the issue of paying players and whether they should be able to unionize, something that SC Governor Nikki Haley disagrees with. Go check it out!

The Meltdown of Tigernet

So it was truly a great weekend for Gamecock sports, especially on the diamond. South Carolina swept rival Clemson, including a 5-3 come from behind victory in Sunday’s finale in which they scored four runs with two outs in the ninth. The latest victory for South Carolina over “that team in the upstate” caused message board┬áto go into complete meltdown mode. So for you enjoyment, check my recent blog for Garnet Report: The Top Ten Tigernet Posts from Sunday.

The Wrath of the Stripes: The Confederate Flag is Costing USC Too Much

So my latest blog is up over at Garnet Report, and it’s probably my most controversial. It’s interesting to see everyone’s viewpoints coming out after it’s been posted, and I’m curious to see what all of you think. Go check it out and all I ask is that you view the issue not from a political standpoint but from the view of how it is affecting the University.

Now Writing for Garnet Report

I am happy to announce that I have been given another opportunity to write about Gamecock sports. I am now a contributing writer for The Garnet Report, a website focused on South Carolina athletics. I’m excited to keep writing and hopefully informing all of you, and I’m thankful for this opportunity. Check out my first article from the link below about South Carolina’s loss last night to Georgia.